Shree varahi stuti in english with meanings

Shree Vaaraahee Stutihi

Prayer to Varahi for attainment of material success

kuvalayanibhaa kaushEyaardhOrukaa
halamusalinee sadbhaktEbhyO
varaabhayadaayinee I
kapilanayanaa madhyE
kSHaamaa kaTHOraghanastanee
jayati jagataam maatah
saa tE varaahamukhee tanuhu II
O! Mother Varahi! Thy form which is dark as blue lilly; wearing reddish garments; shining with ornaments such as crown etc; holding a plough and pestle and granting protection and benediction to noble devotees; with tawny eyes; with slender waist and firm breasts; ever be victorious in the world.
Prayer to Varahi attaining Victory over enemies
shyaamaam taamarasaaruNatrinayanaam
sOmaardhachooDaam jagat-
musalaamatrastamudraavateem I
yE tvaam raktakapaalineem
shivavaraarOhE varaahaananaam
bhaavE sandadhatE katham kSHaNamapi
praNanti tESHaam dviSHaha II
“One who is dark in complexion, three eyed with reddish hue, wearing cresent moon on her crest, who holds plough, pestle gesture of protection and benediction for the protection of the world, holding bloodsoaked skull, Boar faced and seated on a magnificient lion” thus who meditate on You, on Mother! Within their hearts, how can those who despise them even live for a moment.

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