Swasti Vachanam in english with meanings

Svasti Vaachanam

Wishing well for all beings
Om sarvESHaam svastirbhavatu I
sarvESHaam shaantirbhavatu I
sarvESHaam poorNam bhavatu i
sarvESHaam mangalam bhavatu I
Aum, may there be welfare for all, peace for all, perfection for all, auspiciousness for all. May all people be happy, may all be healthy (free from ailments), may all see good only and may no one be victim of any sorrow. 1
sarvE bhavantu sukhinaha I
sarvE santu niraamayaaha I
sarvE bhadraaNi pashyantu 1
maa kashchid duhkhabhaagbhavEt 1
saha naavavatu saha nau bhunaktu I
sahaveeryam karavaa vahai I
tEjasvi naavadheetamastu
maa vidviSHaavahai II
Om shaantihi shaantihi shaantihi i
May He protect both of us (the teacher and the taught); may He nourish both of us; may the both of us be valorous with energy; may both of us may our Knowledge make us resplendent; may the both of us not display animosity towards each other. 2
May there be peace, peace and peace.

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