Praarthana in english with meanings

Om asatO maa sadgamaya tamasO maa jyOtirgamaya I
mRtyOrmaa amRtan gamaya II
Please lead me from the Unreal to the Real; lead me from darkness to light; lead me from death to immortality.

lOkaah samastaaha sukhinO bhavantu I
Om shaantihi shaantihi shaantihi
May all the people be healthy and happy. May there be peace, peace, peace.

hiraNmayEna paatrENa
satyasyaapihitam mukham I
tat tvam pooSHan apaavRNu
satya-dharmaaya dRSHTayE
The vessel of Truth is covered with golden lid. O! Lord Surya (Poosha) Please uncover the mask to me in search of truth and righteousness.

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