Samarpanam in english with meanings

yaani kaani cha paapaani janmantara kRtaani cha I
taani taani vinashyanti pradakSHiNa padE padE II
On circumambulation of the Lord whatever sins have been committed including those in other births perish at every step taken. 1
aakaashaat patitam tOyam
yathaagachCHati saagaram I
sarvadEva namaskaaraha
kEshavam pratigachCHati II
Even as the water fallen from the sky reaches the ocean only, similarly, salutations to all Gods reach Kesava ultimately. 2
kaayEna vaachaa manasEndriyairvaa
buddhyaatmanaa vaa prakRtE svabhaavaat I
karOmi yadyat sakalam parasmai
naaraayaNaayEti samarpayaami II
I offer all actions that I do with the body, speech, mind, sensory organs, intelligence of the self or by my inherent nature, to Narayana. 3

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