Gayatri Mantra

Prayer to Gayatri for attainment of Noble Intellect
Om bhoorbhuvas suvaha tatsaviturvarENyam
bhargOdEvasyadheemahi I
dhiyO yO nah prachOdayaat II
‘Aum’, we meditate upon that splendour of supreme Sun Lord. May He impel us in our intellect.

muktaavidrumahEmaneela dhavala-
chCHaayairmukhai streekSHaNaihi
yuktaamindunibaddha ratnamakuTaam
tattvaarthavarNaatmikaam I
gaayatreem varadaabhayaankusha
kashaaha shubhram kapaalam guNam
shankham chakramathaaravinda
yugalam hastairvahanteem bhajE II
I meditate on Gayatri who sports five faces of pearlish white, coral reddish, golden, bluish and fair complexion, who wears a crown embedded with moon, who is of the nature of the letters which elucidate the highest truth, who holds the gesture of benediction, fearlessness, goad, noose, white skull, conch, discus and two lotuses in her hands.

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