sanaischarastottara namavali lyrics in english

om sanaischaraya namaha

sanataya namaha

sarvabhistpradayine namaha

saranyaya namaha

varenyaya namaha

sarvesaya namaha

soumyaya namaha

suravandyaya namaha

suralokaviharine namaha

sukhasanopavistaya namaha !!

sundaraya namaha

ghanaya namaha

ghanarupaya namaha

ghanabharanadharine namaha

ghanasarvilepanaya namaha

khadyotaya namaha

mandaya namaha

mandachestaya namaha

mahaniyagunatmane namaha

martyapavanapadaya namaha

mahesaya namaha

chayaputraya namaha

sarvaya namaha

saratuniradharine namaha

charasthiraswabhavaya namaha

chanchalaya namaha

nilavarnaya namaha

nityaya namaha

nilanjananibhaya namaha

nilambaravivhusanaya namaha !!

nischalaya namaha

vedyaya namaha

vidhirupaya namaha

virodhadharabhumaye namaha

vairaspadaswabhavaya namaha

vajradehaya namaha

vairagyadaya namaha

viraya namaha

vitarogabhayaya namaha

vipatparamparesaya namaha !!

viswavandyaya namaha

gridhrvahanaya namaha

gudhaya namaha

kurmangaya namaha

kurupine namaha

kutsitaya namaha

gunadhyaya namaha

gocharaya namaha

avidyamulanasaya namaha

vidyavidyaswarupine namaha !!

ayusyakaranaya namaha

apaduddhartre namaha

visnubhaktaya namaha

vasine namaha

vividhagamavedine namaha

vidhistutyaya namaha

vandyaya namaha

virupakshaya namaha

varisthaya namaha

garisthaya namaha !!

vajrankusadharaya namaha

varadaya namaha

abhayahastaya namaha

vamanaya namaha

jyesthapatnisametaya namaha

sresthaya namaha

amitabhasine namaha

kastoughanasaya namaha

shouryapustidaya namaha

stutyaya namaha !!

stotragamyaya namaha

bhaktivasyaya namaha

bhanave namaha

bhanuputraya namaha

bhavyaya namaha

pavanaya namaha

dhanurmandalasamsthaya namaha

dhanadaya namaha

dhanusmate namaha

tanuprakasadehaya namaha !!

tamasaya namaha

asesajanavandyaya namaha

visesaphaladayine namaha

vasikritajanesaya namaha

pasunampataye namaha

khecharaya namaha khagesaya namaha

ghananilambaraya namaha

kathinyamanasaya namaha

aryaganastutyaya namaha !!

nilachchatraya namaha

nityaya namaha

nirgunaya namaha gunatmane namaha

niramayaya namaha

nindyaya namaha

vandaniyaya namaha

dhiraya namaha

divyadehaya namaha

dinartiharanaya namaha !!

daityanasakaraya namaha

aryajanaganyaya namaha

kruraya namaha

krurachestaya namaha

kamakrodhadharaya namaha

kaltraputrasatrutwakaranaya namaha

paripositabhaktaya namaha

parabhitiharaya namaha !!

bhaktasanghamanobhistaphaladaya namaha

srimachchanaischaraya namaha

” anaya pujaya sanaischaragrahas suprito varado bhavatu ”

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