Navagraha Stotram Phala sruthi in english with meanings

Nauagraha Stotra Phalasrutihi

iti vyaasamukhOdgeetam yah
paTHEt susamaahitaha I
divaa vaa yadi vaa raatrau
vighnashaantirbhaviSHyati II
Whoever becoming well-composed recites these verses sung by Vyasa during daytime or night all his impediments will be pacified. 1
nara naaree nRpaaNaam cha bhavEt
duhsvapnanaashanam I
aishvaryamatulam tESHaam
aarOgyam puSHTivardhanam II
The bad dreams of men, women and kings will bear no fruit, their prosperity and authority will become incomparable and their health will be excellently nourished. 2
grahanakSHatrajaaha peeDaaha
taskaraagnisamudbhavaaha I
taah sarvaaha prashamam
yaanti vyaasO brootE na samshayaha II
Sri Veda Vyasa says that all afflictions arising from planets and stars, from thieves and fire will undoubtedly be pacified. 3

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