mangalacharanam in english with meanings


Prayers for the well being of one and all

Om svasti prajaabhyah paripaalayantaam
nyaayEna maargENa maheem maheeshaaha I
gObraahmaNEbhya shubhamastu nityam
lOkaa samastaa sukhinO bhavantu II
Aum, May all the subjects fare well, may the emperors of the world protect the world in just manner, may there be auspiciousness always for Brahmins and cows and may all people be healthy and happy. 1
kaalE varSHatu parjanyah
pRthivee sasyashaalinee I
dEshOsyam kSHObharahitO braahmaNaaha
santu nirbhayaaha II
May the rains shower at the appropriate time, may the earth be prosperous with plenty of food grains, may this land be free from afflictions and may the Brahmins be free from fear. 2

aputraaha putriNaha santu
putriNaha santu pautriNaha I
adhanaaha sadhanaaha
santu jeevantu sharadahshatam II
May the childless ones become blessed with children, may those with offspring beget grandchildren, may those without wealth become wealthy and may all live for a hundred autumns

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