Kshamapana Stotram in english with meanings

devi aparadh kshamapana stotram lyrics

Prayer for Seeking forgiveness for one’s sins
na mantram nO yantram tadaapi
cha na jaanE stutimahO I
na chaahvaanam dhyaanam tadaapi
cha na jaanE stutikathaaha II
na jaanE mudraastE tadapi
cha na jaanE vilapanam I
param jaanE maataha
tvadanusaraNam klEshaharaNam II
I am not learned in the chanting of mantras, nor am I in the know of Yantras (symbolic representations of prayers). O! 1 know not the recitation of verses in praise of You. 1 am not familiar with invoking You nor do I have any skill in meditating upon You. I am also ignorant of any discourses in praise of You. 1 am devoid of any familiarity with Your different symbolic postures. I do not even know as to how to lament about all these shortcoming of mine. But O! Mother! 1 know this that the dedicated resort to You will remove all afflictions.

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