Dakshinamurthy Stotram IN ENGLISH WITH MEANINGS

Dakshinaamoorti Stotram

Prayer to Lord Dakshinamoorti for attainment of
Supreme Wisdom
guravE sarvalOkaanaam
bhiSHajE bhavarOgiNaam 1
nidhayE sarva vidyaanaam
shreedakSHiNaamoortayE namaha II
Salutation to Dakshinamoorti who is the preceptor of the three worlds, the medicine for the cure of the worldly existence and the treasure of all knowledge. 1
Om namah praNavaarthaaya
shuddhajnyaanaikamoortayE 1
nirmalaaya prashaantaaya
dakSHiNaamoortayE namaha II
Salutation to Dakshinamoorti who is the explicit and implicit meaning of Pranava Mantra, who is one and only personification of pure and sacred knowledge, who is free from any taint and who is of extremely calm disposition. 2

anguSHTHa – tarjanee yOgamudraa
vyaajEna dEhinaam I
shrutyartham brahmajeevaikyam
darshayannOsvataachCHivaha II
Lord Dakshinamoorti holding his thumb and forefinger demonstrates Tattva mudra displaying his form to the people. Showing the meaning of scripture and the unity of Brahman (the Supreme soul) and the soul of jivas (living beings) he manifests himself as Shiva. 3
maunavyaakhyaa prakaTita
parabrahma tattvam yuvaanam I
varSHiSHTHaantE vasadRSHigaNaihi
aavRtam brahmaniSHTHaihi II
aachaaryEndram karakalita
chinmudra maanandaroopam I
svaatmaraamam muditavadanam
dakSHiNaamoortimeeDE II
1 propitiate Sri Dakshinamoorti, the youthful preceptor, who teaches through silence, the knowledge of Brahman, who is surrounded by disciples who themselves are erudite in the knowledge of scripture by reason of their long period of dedicated search for knowledge seeking the Brahman (the Absolute), who is the most supreme of teachers, who displays the Knowledge with the sign of his hand, who is the form of Consciousness- Bliss, who immerses himself in the revelry of his own self and who sports a pleasantly delightful countenance. 4-5

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