Sri nataraja prarthana IN ENGLISH WITH MEANINGS

Shree Nataraaja Praarthanaa

Prayer to Lord Nataraja to attain Supreme Bliss

kRpaasamudram sumukham trinEtram
jaTaadharam paarvateevaamabhaagam I
sadaashivam rudramakhaNDaroopam
chidambarEsham hRdi bhaavayaami II
I contemplate in my heart the benedictory form of the Lord of Chidambara (space i.e., Nataraja) who is an ocean of mercy, benign, three-eyed with mated locks of hair, ever auspicious and complete with Parvati by his left side. 1

naTeshvaram sundaravanditaanghrim
jaTEndugangaalasaduttamaangam I
chidambarEsham hRdi bhaavayaami II
I meditate in my heart The Lord of Chidambara, who is the master dancer, whose feet are worshipped by Sundara ( Vishnu or Sundaramoorty nayanaar), one among the 63 Nayanmar Saints whose crest shines with moon and Ganga, whose feet are praised by sages like Agastya and others. 2

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