Sri Swayamvara Parvati Stuti IN ENGLISH WITH MEANINGS

Shree Svayamvaraapaarvati Stutihi

For speedy fulfillment of Marital ambitions
karatalE rOlamba maalaakulaam
maalaam sandadhateem manOharatanum
mandasmitOdyanmukheem I
mandam mandamupEyuSHeem
varayitum shambhum jaganmOhineem
vandE dEvamuneendra vanditapada
amiSHtaarthadaam paarvateem II
I bow to Parvati who provides with all that is wished for, whose feet are worshipped by the celestials and sages, who is of the hue of rising sun, who holds a floral garland in her hand, who is bedecked with garland, who is of a captivating form with a charming smile, who is approaching gracefully and slowly to choose Shiva as her mate.

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